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How To Deal With Burst Or Frozen Pipes

What to do if you have a burst pipe

Firstly turn off the main water supply coming into your property, usually under a cover on the path outside the property but can also be found at the end of the road or by your water meter. Also, switch off your boiler. Try to soak up any excess water with towels, mops or even a wet vac.

Open all taps to drain the system as quickly as possible, again, saving some water where possible and when the water stops running, turn the taps off.

Remember, if you think  water may have leaked near electrics, do not touch them. Switch off the power at your fuse box, usually located under stairs, in a downstairs cupboard or room and often at height out of reach of animals and children.

OHS are one of many accredited local approved contractors with WaterSafe able to deal with emergency burst pipes so ensure you call us on 0117 957 5557 to assist with swift resolution.

You’ve found you have frozen pipes

First course of action should be to turn off your internal stop tap immediately. It’s usually located under the kitchen sink, but may be found in your downstairs bathrooms, kitchen cupboard, garage, cellar or under the stairs.

Then, open all of your taps to drain the system as quickly as possible, saving some water in a bucket to be used for flushing toilets, washing or even boiling the kettle. When the water stops running, turn off all taps.

How to thaw the pipes

It is advisable to thaw out any frozen pipes slowly with hot water bottles or towels soaked in hot water to ensure appropriate thawing and any material movement. Never use a naked flame or blowtorch to thaw the pipe as direct heat can easily cause permanent damage.

Then, turn on any nearby cold taps as this will relieve pressure on the frozen pipe but be sure to keep your stop tap off!

Tips to avoid problems in the future

Make sure you know where your stop tap is and check it’s working every six months.

If you are going away during colder months, leave your heating on low and even ask a neighbor to check in occasionally.

Ensure all pipes in your roof space or loft, as well as pipes in other areas that may be vulnerable to the cold, are insulated and your boiler is serviced.

Store our contact details in case the emergency arises

Check out for more online tips, news and helpful advice regarding your water supply, along with more accredited contractors in your area.

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